​​A collection of the links and resources used for a liberal arts education at home.

Grenoble Court 

St. Hugh, Bishop of Grenoble, and St. Acharius, Bishop of Noyon, National Library of the NetherlandsThe European LibraryNetherlands


The best way to use this site as a curriculum is to have a well-organized off-line component which includes:

1. A quiet study area consisting of a clean desktop and access to the Internet.

2. A personal calendar for the student. This should be in addition to any digital calendars she or he keeps. The best format is the "week-at-a-glance."

3. The recommended text/s for each subject. A link to the suggested edition of the text is provided on each subject page to facilitate purchase. Where possible, actual works are linked as well.

For Literature and History, the following applies: (Foreign Language is daily.)

4. Twenty copies of the 2-Week Project Cover Pages hole-punched and stored in the "Storage Binder." (See the sample 2-Week Project Cover Pages below.)

5. Storage Binder: A two inch thick three-ring binder for keeping both blank 2-Week Project Cover Pages and completed/returned 2-Week Projects. 

6. Project Binder: A .5 or 1 inch binder for handing in a completed 2-Week Project for a grade. This separate binder is intended to showcase work with pride.

The 2-week project approach is best for fostering a sense of independence in the student. Learning is divided into projects which should each take no more than two weeks to complete. 

All blank 2-week Project Cover Pages, notetaking paper, and other related papers are stored in the storage binder. All returned contracts are stored there as well.

See sample 2-Week Project Cover Pages

See how I tailored the 2-week Project Cover Pages for my own children